Diet And Exercise In 2014

The Upper And Lower Ab Workout Center For Fast Results

hansome guy with a great six pack of absHello how are all my awesome people doing today? I am doing so good that I decided to write a post today to help my amazing fans get some awesome abs in time for the summer. I can’t believe that is summer already, time really does fly as you get older. I for one am not a big of a fan of summer these days as air condition is extremely expensive and I do not posses a pool or live by the beach. So summer is a real pain if it gets to hot. But every now and then I do get a day off and I am only 45 minutes away from Santa Cruz and I just love going there to show off my lower and upper abs to all the beautiful women, they just cant get enough of me.

It took me a long time and a lot of sweaty workouts for me to get these fantastic abs I have always dreamed of. To get these epic and great lower ab workouts for women and guys you tube is a fantastic place to learn and to watch those awesome lower ab workouts in great detail as well as all the upper ab workouts. When working out your upper and lower abs you do need to know that there are different ab exercises and workouts for the upper ab muscles and lower ab muscles.

Most people do not now this and think that crunches or situps alone can give them the all in one so to speak. If you want the golden abs of the gods you have to have one ab workout for each ab muscle group within your daily routine. You also need to be in good shape, so make sure you are also working with a good diet plan. Because if your just a couple pounds over weight it will be very hard for anyone to see your abs as well as know if your daily ab workout routines are working. If you are one of those naturally skinny guys or girls then I envy you, I am not that lucky. I have to stick to a strict diet in order for me to keep my perfect form.

I am going to keep it simple today and just give you the ab workouts that I like to do. For the lower abs I do the awesome v holds or the bicycle crunch and for the upper abs I just do my all time favorite ab workout the crunches. Crunches are the best ab workout you can do without having to spend any money on exspensive equipment. All you need to do is pretend you are doing a sit up but don’t go down all the way, amazingly that is the only difference between a situp and a crunch.

You can get great abs just by doing crunches I am not going to lie, but you can get the abs of the gods if you do different ab workouts for the lower and upper section of the ab region. To get awesome abs all you need to do is the workouts and exercises stated above. Make sure to  rotate one day on and one day off. It is a must to let your muscles rest from time to time so they can build in there strength. Below I have posted a great video from a fellow you tuber, he is indeed a  fantastic fitness trainer who is 100 percent dedicated to his workouts, he just love to share, which is epic and we thank him for it!!

If you would like a great guide for all the lower abs you should check out you tube for all your lower ab exercise and workout needs. Thank you guys and stay tuned for my next post, it will change your life!


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